A Clumsy Accident

I was about to go out for lunch today and do some groceries but unfortunately I hit the carpark pillar.

Damn it!!!

It all happened while I was focusing on changing radio channels while driving! Should have changing the channels while the vehicle is not moving.

But thank you, Dear Allah… it’s just a car accident and I didn’t get injured at all. Hopefully the engine is fine too…

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A Malaysian Scorpio who ♥s PINK and meowing all the times...but BEWARE when she rooaarr!!! Pardon me for my Manglish Language :p

10 thoughts on “A Clumsy Accident

  1. I appreciate your post, but I hated to “like” it. Mostly I feel sorry that it happened. And want to remind you that probably every driver has done at least one really dumb thing in their driving career. I certainly have. 😉

  2. I bought a brand new car in 2018. Two months later while backing out of a parking space in a parking ramp after a doctor appointment, I backed into a cement support pillar. The back window shattered into a million pieces. Arrrrh!!

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