NYX Cosmetics 2017’s Christmas Collection

Hello lovelies…

I got an opportunity to join NYX Cosmetics 2017’s Christmas Collection Private Event yesterday. The event was held at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and the invitation was by selection.

My! Oh! My! Lucky me…

I am a NYX Cosmetics fan. I mean…that’s the first counter I would look for every time I enter Sephora Store. Maybe you can say because the products are cheap, but trust me…the quality is much much better than some of the high end brands I had ever tried.

This collection comes in six (6) elements eyeshadow palettes, which are:

  1. Metal
  2. Wind
  3. Fire
  4. Air
  5. Earth
  6. Water

The models who represent the palettes were donned in avant garde makeup by the famous Los Angeles / New York makeup artist, Mr. Roshar. I know right? It is an honour to be donned by Mr. Roshar who worked with famous celebrities, such as Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue…right?

The collection is estimated to be in Malaysia in October 2017 and it’s a limited edition collection. So beauties…don’t forget to add all these palettes into your makeup collection, ok?


p/s : Thanks to my lovely girlfriends, Chestie and Lynn for joining me to the event :*

Mr. Roshar and the models
Delicacies from The Banana Cafe
That drink is not alcohol
With my beautiful girlfriends. From left : Me, Lynn & Chestie #TeamSpectacles
Miss Renee, the emcee


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