25 Died From The Burning School Tragedy


A few days ago (Sept.14,2017), Malaysians were being shocked by the tragedy of blazing  Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah Boarding School in Jalan Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur.

The tragedy happened at dawn, around 5.15 am when all the them were in deep sleep. Only 15 pupils survived from the tragedy, meanwhile 23 pupils and 2 wardens were reported dead.

None of the nearby residents who witnessed the tragedy were able to help them since the fire was too strong and dangerous. All they can see were the victims waving and screams for help from the grilled windows.

My! Oh! My!

Imagined how bad it feels…but nothing you can do to rescue them 😦

Tahfiz Tahfiz2

R.I.P and Al- Fatihah to all the victims and salam takziah to all the victims family members.

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6 thoughts on “25 Died From The Burning School Tragedy

  1. I follow2 gak news ni yunk mmg terok betol behaviour budak2 ni. kecik2 dh bunuh orang taktau la besar nnt cmne😡. kesian mangsa2 tu. better hantar anak2 kat skolah harian je cmni. at least pape jadi pun depan mata sendiri😤

    1. Kannnn???gile lah!
      Umo xsmpai 12 thn pun dah membunuh org! Org2 alim ckp..org yg hafal quran tu ahli syurga..mgkn sbbtu la kot parents mangsa2 tu nak anta kat pusat tahfiz tu babe..

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