Al – Amar Restaurant

Hello lovelies…

It’s been awhile that I logging on my blog and now I’m back! Life has been turning upside down lately and thank God…I survived! Thanks to the dolphin angel who is always there for me ❤

Last week (Nov.30th, 2017), I was having a ladies night out with my girls at a Lebanese Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. We decided to dine in to that restaurant because we were so intrigued by knowing that there is a belly dance show on that day.

Met the girls at the restaurant around 9pm and straight away looking at the menu. Hohoho… that is so ME! When it comes to Arab food, our mind we thinking about how big the food portion it’ll be. Yeah…most of the arab foods I ever ordered before was so huge. Hell no! It’s impossible for me to finished my meal on my own. So, the six of us decided to share. We ordered mix kebab, squid salad and chicken wings. and so the drama begin…

The waiter who entertained us was smirking at us when we told him that we were going to share our meals. And my bestie, Yanty who was the first person to arrived told me that waiter was asking her rather she came here to just drinking or dine?


And as we expected, the meals arrived too late than usual. And the taste… Bleerrrggghhhh!!!! Very disappointing!

Take a look at our meals…

Our appetizer
The chicken wings were like the leftovers
The mix kebab
The Squid Salad
My drink

The belly dancer came late too!  The show is only like 30 minutes…not worth of waiting for the show 😦


But, the moment of catching up with my girls are worthless. So glad to meet them. Exchanging Christmas gifts, gossiping and laughing hard like the place is ours! It’s fun! I wish we could meet again more frequent…ay?

Hohoho…I love you girls!

Happy faces after receiving the Christmas gifts
Me and my girls

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