Hermo Malaysia Big Bang Surprise (Part 1)

Hello lovelies…

Hermo Malaysia is going to launch a new mascara!


Oh ya! Maybe some of you are unfamiliar with Hermo and wondering…what the heck is Hermo?

Hermo is a platform for Malaysian women to discover varieties of local and international beauty products at reasonable price. The product brands are 100% original and the products are tested and only the best quality products are sold by Hermo.

Bear in mind girls…this February 2018, a new mascara will be launch in Hermo website. What brand is the mascara?

I also don’t know lehhhh…

But if you ask me how good is the mascara? I definitely know how to answer that because I was among the first 25 women to try out the product.

Today, I attended a beauty secret blind test session hosted by Hermo. The session was held at Wisma Kemajuan, Petaling Jaya Selangor at 11.30 am.

During the registration, all the participants are given a letter of agreement which allow Hermo to post or publish images or videos of them for this occasion. And I believe all of us agreed on that…including me! Hohoho

The spokesperson for the session was Mr. Patrick. He gave us a clear briefing about the programme and giving us tips on mascara application.

We were given a survey form, a pink mirror and a box of the mystery mascara. Each of the participants gotta try the mascara and comment on that.


He gave a demo too on the right way to apply a mascara. And  my! oh! my! I became a model for the demo. Maybe because the ladies were to shy to volunteer to be the model for the demo…so they randomly selected me!

And so the the trial begins…

Majority of them were satisfied with the outcomes…and me too!

In my opinion, this mascara is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a volumizing and lengthening mascara. And it’s waterproof too! The brush is slim and flexible make it easy to apply, even on your down lashes. It won’t smudge, I swear! I would say this mascara is like every women dream mascara…aite?

Hmmm… I wonder what brand it is?

Stay with me girls…cause I will unveil this brand soon!


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