Nyx Cosmetics Sunway Pyramid

Hello lovelies…

First of all, I would like to wish congratulation to NYX Professional Cosmetics on the opening of their third store in Malaysia. And thank you for inviting me to share the joyous store opening ceremony this morning (Feb. 1st, 2018).

My! Oh! My!

I feel so lucky!

I arrived at the store around 9.30am and oh my god! there was already a long queue waiting outside the store. I was informed that the queuing up to win a lucky draw.

Well, obviously…I don’t have to queue with them because I was not there to win any lucky draw. I came there to join the ceremony and look out for the brand new range from NYX Cosmetics, i.e Love You So Mochi 🙂


The gorgeous Miss Nazurah was on duty at the registration counter.


It doesn’t take too long for the ceremony to begin after I registered my name at the counter. Well…I can say that they are very punctual.


The cute and bubbly emcee, Miss Renee.


As soon as the opening ceremony ended, we all rushed into the store like a young kid rushing into Toy ‘R’ Us  Store! Hohoho…it’s pretty funny but that’s the reality!


The store was overcrowded with makeup lovers.



I managed to walk to the ‘Love You So Mochi’ counter and did a few swatches on my hands. There are two (2) highlighter palettes in this range, which are:

  1. Arcade Glam (cool tones); and
  2. Lit Life (warm tones).


Love You So Mochi Highlighter Palette in Arcade Glam.



Love You So Mochi Highlighter Palette in Lit Life


Each palette contains three (3) lightweight, soft and pillowy texture highlighter shades which are duo-chromatic glow, making you shine like a star! And it’s value for money too…it’s only RM 89.


After the swatches…I have a second thought about buying the palettes.

Hmmm.. not bad, but they don’t meet my expectation!

And so…I left the store without Love You So Mochi Highlighter palettes 😦

We are not meant to be together, Love You So Mochi…I’m sorry 😦



The NYX Cosmetics team

Lucky draw prizes to be won! Who wouldn’t want to win these, aite?


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