Chinese New Year 2018’s Chicken Rice Edition

Hello lovelies…

The Chinese New Year fever is still on! Chinese New Year sales are everywhere and every restaurant came out with Chinese New Year meal edition.

I am not really a food hunter, but once I started to crave for certain food, I would be tracking them until my last breath!


Sounds so dramatic, aite?

I was craving for chicken rice this afternoon. The famous Chee Meng Chicken Rice Shop in Bukit Bintang, to be precise. As I googled and call the restaurant, I find out that the restaurant was closed due to the Chinese New Year Celebration.

Well…of course, silly Farah! They are Chinese! 


And so, I decided to go to The Chicken Rice Shop which is located nearby my home.

As I was reading the menu, my attention was caught at the pictures of the Chinese New Year meal set.

My! Oh! My!

The pictures make me drooled!

The meal set (1 pax) contains:

  • A bowl of rice;
  • 2 pieces of red pepper chicken;
  • A plate of pak choy vegies in oyster sauce; and
  • A bowl of soup.

Without thinking twice, I ordered that. With extra side dish, i.e a plate of pai tee. And for the beverage, I ordered a glass of Kuching three-layered tea.

The chicken was cooked in Chinese style…I would say like kung pao chicken. Some of the ingredients are similar, for example, the dried chili, cashew nuts, spring onions, etc.

Overall, it’s pretty economical to order set, rather than buying ala-carte. But if you asked me, “would you order this red pepper chicken again?” I would say…


because I love the original chicken rice.


The Kuching three-layered tea…but all I see is two layered-tea :p



My lunch meal
Crispy pai tee as an addition to my lunch set
Pak choy vegies in oyster sauce.
The red pepper chicken.
Soup of the day!



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