[November 10th, 2019]: Life Journal pt. 2

Hello lovelies…

So this is going to be the details of the Lazada Super Show I went last Sunday as I had mentioned in my previous post.

I am thankful to God for blessing me with good besties who would never leave her/his friends behind. If it is not them, I wouldn’t be at Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) on that lively Sunday!

One of my besties, whom I met on the Lazada Kolab Workshop won five (5) VIP tickets to the Lazada Super Show a week before the show.

And…I was on her mind when it’s about sharing the excitement.

I gotta say this supershow went viral in Malaysia as a famous female Korean band, A-Pink will be performing live in this event. Every youngster was dying to get the supershow ticket just for the sake of watching this band live.

Besides A-Pink, the Lazada management invited a beautiful Indonesian singer, Cinta Laura Kiehl and more local singers to perform at the event.

My besties and I met and had dinner together at McDonald’s restaurant in Precinct 2. We decided to leave our cars at the outlet and booked a Grab car to PICC to avoid the hassle of finding parking spots at the venue.

We arrived at PICC at 7.30pm and the queue to enter the stage was so long! Thank God for the tickets, we could enter the stage anytime we desired. As the VIP attendees, we managed to enter the red carpet lane like all the celebrities! OMG!!! It feels so glamorous! Camera flashes were everywhere as we posed at the lane.

Before the show began, we chilling around at the VIP lounge and enjoyed light refreshments provided.

After we were full, we rushed to the stage auditorium to get the best seats for the best view.

And the show started a few minutes later after we managed to get our seats.

The hosts for that day were:

  1. Fiza Sabjahan;
  2. Haziq Hussni; and
  3. Sean LJE.

Among all the performances on the supershow, I was so fascinated by Man Bai and Hujan band. Not because I’m oldies, but they have the entertainer aura that awed me.

Later after the show, we booked for Grab car again. Unfortunately, it was getting late and no Grab driver was on duty. We waited at the PICC entrance for almost an hour until we decided to walk slowly to the McDonald’s to get our car.

Lucky us… there was a myCAR driver drove to PICC to pick up a customer and that customer was willing to give us a lift.

Thank you, Dear God…







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